The chief of the Iranian Cyber Police, Seyed Moosa Hosseini, announced that a team of cyber scammers who used the internet to issue and sell bogus foreign entry and work visas to Iranian citizens have been arrested.

According to Seyed Moosa Hosseini, following a number of complaints to the Iranian Cyber Police it was revealed that this group targeted Iranian residents who used the internet to apply for entry and work visas to foreign countries and advertised guaranteed issuance of visas in exchange for 25 million Tomans (approximately 9000 USD). Once the payments were received, this group would then issue the documents that looked authentic but had no credibility or validity.

Seyed Moosa Hosseini added that after obtaining judicial orders for identifying and arresting this group of scammers, the matter was immediately escalated to the cyber police experts and the agents identified and arrested the suspects shortly thereafter with a surprise raid.

The chief of Fars province Cyber Police added that the suspects denied any involvement in this scam in the initial interrogation. However after seeing the evidence against them, admitted that a few months earlier having seen a number of advertisements regarding issuance of foreign visas over the internet, they saw an opportunity for the scam and built a website to trick people into it.

Hosseini urged the Iranian citizens that in addition to improving their knowledge of the cyber environment, to take more caution in when operating in this environment and to report any suspicious content to the cyber police.

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