Iran’s Customs announced that the administration has launched the largest database platform for the country’s foreign trade. Now all the details of the imported/exported goods, the evaluations and the duties will be aggregated online.

According to Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA), the newly launched database platform automatically receives all the information from “Customs Comprehensive Website” and processes them for its data center. These information include tax reports, import licenses, export and transit, invoices and the transit permits.

Reviewing the performance records of the importers and exporters, transport companies’ informations, details of the product’s type, weight, value and potential violations are some of the main features of this database. The database also allows the Customs to track the activities of the importers in real time, see the listings of the imported good, currency and transaction type and its location during a year, month or a specific time. Information about the type of representation, legal issues, individuals or entities related to the imported/exported goods are also available on the platform.

One of the other features of this database is that it provides a detailed report of the basic commodities that were imported into the country. This database can show the volume of the imported basic commodities at specific intervals which can help show if there’s a need to import more products or not.

Prior to this, the information and performance of the importers and exporters were collected from each of the country’s Custom’s departments and were aggregated at the central headquarters of Iran’s Customs Administration. This database will now allow the administration to have a more clear and smart supervision over both the importers and the exporters.

According to IRICA China, UAE, Iraq, Republic of Korea and India are the 5 main destinations of Iranian non-oil goods.

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