Ramadan is a great chance for the Muslim community to get more involved with charity events and raise money for the less fortunate. Here are a couple of Iranian websites running charity campaigns during Ramadan.

During the holy month of Ramadan, millions of Muslims around the world fast from dawn to dusk. In this month, Muslims not only refrain from consuming food or drink, but they also try to get more involved with charity causes to help the less fortunate and the people in need.

Here are a few Iranian websites that are running charity campaigns during the month of Ramadan.

Crowdfunding websites

Iranian crowdfunding websites have been pretty active and are supporting various campaigns during this month.


During the years, Tehran, the largest city of Iran has grown tremendously and has been divided up into different types of neighborhoods. While many people in the northern part of the city have the privilege to have a lavish life, thousands of the lower class are suffering to provide a simple dinner for their families.

An NGO called “The Society of City Collaborators” is running a campaign on 2nate to provide free bread and hot plates of food in the southern part of Tehran for the needy. The local bakeries in the less fortunate neighborhoods will offer free bread and food to the poor with the money raised by this NGO.

Link: Sofre Mehrabani Campaign


The Social Service Organisation of Tehran Municipality is also running a charity event on Fundoran to provide Iftar dinner for the ones in need. The supporters can participate in this campaign by paying 10,000 Toman (3 dollars) to provide the dinner money for one person. The primary target for this campaign was 3 thousand dollars but the organization has already raised 10 k halfway through Ramadan.

Other campaigns on Fundorun include raising money to provide breakfast and gifts for children’s hospital and building libraries in the deprived villages of the country.

Link: Mehrabooni Campaign


Various campaigns by many charities all over Iran are being held on Mehrabane. These charities are providing free food baskets and Iftar dinner packages for the deprived areas of Khuzestan and South-Khorasan provinces. Two of these campaigns have already hit their 10 million Toman (3 thousand dollars) and 6 million Toman goals while the other two Ramadan related campaigns are still raising money for 10 and 5 million Toman targets.

These are not the only campaigns which users can contribute to during this month. Some of the other campaigns include helping build an educational institute in Kerman, paying the hospital costs of the needy and providing dowry for orphaned girls.

Links: 1 , 2

E-commerce websites

Two of the biggest e-commerce websites of Iran are participating in charity campaigns during the month of Ramadan. 5 percent of the sales from a selected list of items on Digikala will be donated to a charity organization in this month. Every 3 days new items will be selected and Digikala also selects a new charity each week of the month to donate the raised money.

Bamilo has also partnered up with The Iranian Association for Protection of Child Labor ( APCL) for its Ramadan campaign. For every Rial that the users contribute to this cause, Bamilo pays the same to support the campaign. A list of selected items will also have free shipping while this campaign lasts.

Do you know any other local websites working for a cause during the month of Ramadan? Let us know in the comments below.

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