When you’re living in a country where 1.6 million cars are manufactured annually, there is plenty of room for startups in second-hand car exchange. 

Iran’s car manufacturing industry is among top 15 in terms of manufacturing volume. This naturally creates a relatively large second market. Millions of cars are being sold yearly which car dealerships had a great share of this market. For some years, the responsibility has slowly been transferred to online car selling platforms. There are currently more than 15 websites that provide such a platform and here are the top 3:


Bama is the most famous used car selling exchange. An average of 20,000 new cars are listed in the platform daily which is higher than any other of its competitors. Bama uses a freemium/premium business model for buys, sellers, and even for offline car dealerships to post their latest online. With this startup’s newly launched mobile app and its clean UI and UX, it thinks of keeping the market domination.


Iran’s largest classified ad website is also another center for Iranians to sell their cars online. Although selling cars is a fraction on thousands of items sold on the platform everyday, it’s still a significant number to be listed in our top 3. Divar is also a subsidiary of Iran’s most used android app market Cafe Bazaar.


Divar’s fierce competitor is also home to tens of thousands of car ads in the massive classified ad platform. Sheypoor does provide a better user experience and interface to its competitor but it’s slightly behind the market as it has had a late start comparing to the older Divar. 

These websites have changed the game tremendously since it’s arrival and have been viral ever since. The question is can other players compete with these giants and can general classified ad startups also be direct competitors to the more dedicate ones? 

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