Do you want to know how much a software engineer would make in Iran? Is it high or low? How much they would make based on the experience? Or even how much they would make in different industries? In this post, we will answer all of these questions.


Iran has a young population and over half of the population are below 35 years old. The median age is nearly 28 to 30 years old based on different sources. The country is ranked 17 in terms of population. “now a nation of 78 million people, with about 4.5 million university students, 2500 higher education institutions, 36 science and technology parks, 400 nongovernmental scientific associations, more than 800 research centers, and 1000 scientific journals. Our scientists publish about 30,000 international scientific papers annually, a growth of at least 20-fold since 1979. These achievements could not have been reached without the intensive participation of individual scientists, the scientific societies and government support. This participation sprang from a model of development for post-revolutionary Iran that respects the rights of all Iranians to have access to higher education,” wrote Dr. Mohammad Farhadi, Iran’s Minister of Science in Tehran Times.

Not to mention that in terms of engineering graduates according to Forbes, Iran is on the third place after Russia and US with 233,695 annually engineering graduates. With these facts in mind, you can see the potential which the country holds to become the next hub for outsourcing IT-related projects to Iran. And we haven’t started on the sweet subject of salaries yet, counting this factor into the equation, and with the startup scene getting off the ground you can make sure that you would see Iran in the list countries that you can outsource your IT projects to with the lowest expenses.

The statistics that we are presenting here are based on the yearly report from IranTalent the biggest online recruitment service in Iran. The data is based on their latest report for the last Persian year. The population is based on 36K of resumes on IranTalent and the interviews they did with some companies to come up with this report. And the last key factor in this report is that it’s only based on the salaries in Tehran so you could expect these salaries to be lower in other provinces of Iran.

Without any further ado let’s dive into computer software engineer salaries who could take over your projects:

Average monthly salary

Average monthly salary based on the experience

Average monthly salary based on the experience and company size


As you can see in the tables above, a manager who has lots of experience is getting $4200, and of course there might be people who are getting more than this but that’s an exception. If you have a company in Iran, with these salaries you could save a lot of money and get your work done. Currently, there are lots of companies from Europe entering Iran but they are providing a service or a product. We think that in the near future, Iran could become a next hub for running a business from. Of course, there are risks for a company to have a branch here in Iran or even outsource a project but considering the facts that we presented here, the risks might be worth taking for smart companies around the world.

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