Iran is reclaiming Mesbah satellite which was seized by Italy due to the sanctions imposed on the country. “The country plans to launch the satellite into the orbit,” said Mohsen Bahrami, head of Iranian Space Organization. “Talks are underway with Rome over the returning of the Mesbah satellite and simultaneously negotiations to launch Mesbah satellite has started.”

Bahrami mentioned that the satellite was designed and developed many years ago in collaboration with an Italian company. However, he added, the $10 million satellite, which was at the disposal of Italy for its final test, did not get the chance to be launched into space as both Russia and Italy refused to cooperate with Iran anymore on space projects due to the sanctions. “We try to solve the problem and launch Mesbah satellite,” said the head of the Iranian Space Organization.

Mesbah is a low earth orbit telecommunication satellite that is used for scientific research and educational purposes. Finding water, soil and mineral resources and meteorology, as well as water, electricity and gas network control and relief in disasters, are primary goals of building and launching the satellite. Iran is pursuing to get the satellite back and launch it using an Iranian satellite carrier.

Mesbah satellite is one of the first satellite projects of Iran after the Islamic revolution. After the initial plans at the beginning of the revolution, its construction began in 1996. The construction of the special space model of the satellite started in 1998 with the partnership of the Ministry of Communications and an Italian company.

The satellite was unveiled in 2005 but due to the lack of cooperation from Russia and Italy, the satellite was not sent into the space. Due to the sanctions imposed on Iran, Mesbah satellite was seized by Italy in the past years.

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