Iran CRA (Communications Regulatory Authority) is going to provide an Agreement in Principle for 16 applicants of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) in the country. Some of these companies will probably start their services by the end of the current Persian year, according to the deputy of Iran CRA, Sadegh Abbasi Shahkooh.

These companies are lobbying to make a deal with the mobile operators of the country to use their network facilities. These companies are given a 6-month deadline to provide the CRA with their final contract. After this step, an operation license will be provided to these virtual operators so that they can start their services. According to the deputy of Iran CRA, the first Agreement in Principle for some of these companies was issued in March 2015.

These companies must notify the regulatory of their final agreement with one of the three mobile operators in the country. “Other applicants for a virtual operator license can still send their request to the regulatory. 8 applicants are after completing their documentations and surety bond in order to get the Agreement in Principle,” said Abbasi.

The deputy of Iran CRA also stated that if the licences for these virtual operators gets issued during the second half of the year, these companies would be able to provide their services by the end of the year.

He also stated that these virtual operators would only succeed if they provide new services not available by the current mobile operators. Some of the services that these virtual operators are planning to focus on are healthcare and video.

The price for the basic services such as voice calls and data on these virtual operators would be same as the current mobile operators. The revenue of these virtual operators however must be attained by providing new and distinguished services, according to the deputy of CRA.

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