Iran’s national portal of smart government services got launched last week. It’s one of the most significant initiatives to implement electronic government in the country.

On World Communications Day, national portal of smart government services got unveiled to the public with the aim of standardization and integrated management of government services to the people. It’s an important move towards service-oriented architecture in the government itself.

The national portal is an online service which provides information, channels and instructions to the users in need of governmental services. All the services are approved by the Management and Planning Organization of Iran so that the users could make sure they are getting verified services.

Information Technology Organization (ITO) of Iran is in charge of developing this portal. For launching this platform they have done an extensive research. The organization has done comparative studies on other successful countries in the field of IT to identify the services offered to users and to study the optimization of service delivery. There was also a need to study services that were provided by the administrative organizations to determine the classification of the services as if they should be based on the topics, clusters and organization.

The government wants a single secure portal to offer all the e-government services electronically to help people save time and money. In the long run, they want the organizations to compete for the best quality electronic services as well.

Right now the portal provides basic information based on the administrative organizations, topics, and search query on how people can get the services offline or online via the administrative organization’s website. Currently, most of the services are offline, so you can just read the instructions online to get that service.

We hope by putting more effort on this project, Iranians could get online access to all of governmental services in the near future.

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