A group of hackers in Iran have exposed 5 thousand cellphone numbers of those who they believe are responsible for immoral Instagram pages in Iran. The group announced their identity while publishing the cellphone numbers on the web.

It’s not yet clear that how the hackers accessed the users’ private information and whether they have hacked their accounts or obtained these information from other sources.

Apart form the fact that they have published the user’s partial cellphone numbers, they announced their manifest: “Virtual space, beside its interactions and interactive interface and all benefits that can bring in our life nowadays, has some side effects too. One of the main side effects of the social networks that should have been considered a major threat to our Islamic community is making people’s faith weak and making immoral values common amongst the Iranian people.”

“Everyone in Iran has access to Instagram without any restrictions. There are people that have made immoral pages on Instagram and are publishing inappropriate content through this social network. With the government not being able to implement smart filtering for Instagram, we decided to monitor these users and track their immoral activities while publishing their private information on mofsedin.info. We are doing this to reveal the identity of these users to the government so that they could take legal actions from there. We have already collected the information of more than 5 thousand people who are publishing unsuitable content on Instagram and while we are sending a warning text messages to them, we are going to publish their information and identity by time. For the first step we would publish one file consisting of some of the digits of their cellphone numbers in hopes of reviewing their activities and compensating the past. Otherwise we feel responsible to do anything to clear social network from any immoral content with the support of the Islamic people of our country,  Iran.”

Message written on the hacker's website
Message written on the hacker’s website

Simultaneously with this incident, some religious young people from different provinces of Iran, announced their support of this movement which is clearing unsuitable content from social networks.

It’s yet not clear why this group of hackers released the cellphone numbers on the web and not delivering it to the governmental organizations. Right now the website is down and probably closed down by the government.

For any such action to be justified, it should be reinforced or sanctioned by the law. A detail the hackers seem to have overlooked.

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