The three major mobile operators in Iran are competing hard to faster expand their coverage around the country. 3G and 4G services would soon be accessible in most rural areas of Iran.

MCI, Iran’s first mobile operator announced that the company is heavily working to increase the number of its cell sites in the country. The operator plans to bring 3G and 4G internet to all the cities and most of the rural areas of the country by the end of the current Persian year.

According to MCI, their cell sites in the country will increase to 20,000 by the end of current Persian year. The company was said to be in contact with foreign investors for further expansions. MCI claims to have the most extensive coverage of 3G service in Iran with over 6987 cell sites in 469 cities around the country, excluding the rural areas.

Hamrah-e Aval (MCI) recently released its performance report in the past Persian year. Currently, the company is the number one mobile operator in Iran, the Middle East, and South Asia in terms of the number of subscribers. The operator also stands in the 15th place globally in terms of the number of users.

Although MCI has a better coverage around the country, Irancell and Rightel the other two major mobile operators in the country, are known for better services, including faster and more stable internet connection.

Irancell established its first 4G cell site 18 months ago. Up until now over 953 cities and rural areas around the country have access to Irancell’s 3G network. Iran cell also provides 4G internet in 220 cities and country sides in Iran.

Rightel, the third major mobile operator in Iran provides a stable 3G service to its subscribers. Unlike the other two operators, Rightel users have access to 3G internet in any part of the city with reception. However, the operator is facing challenges to keep up with MCI and Irancell for its coverage expansion.

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