This report provides statistics, facts and market data related to e-commerce and mobile transactions (USSD) in Iran. The data has been provided by ECM (E-Commerce Monitor) with statistics conducted by the Central Bank of Iran in the spring of 2016. The following report is exclusively distributed through TechRasa.

The months and the years in this report are all associated with the Iranian calendar‌ since the data from the Central Bank of Iran was suited for the domestic use. The months in this reports start from spring as the Persian year usually starts on March 21st. To find out more about the Persian calendar please refer to this article.

  • Note that the financial figures in this report are in USD, converted from Iranian Rial. The exchange rate used is 34,500 IRR for 1 USD.
  • Definition of “internet payment gateways with transaction” in page 4: Any gateway that makes online payments possible without the need of a physical card. These gateways had at least one transaction during the period of study.

Download the report from this link:

Report: Iran Mobile Transactions (USSD)

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