1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday is an action-adventure video game about Iran’s revolution in 1979. This game made a lot of noise in Iran since the Iranian government stated that the story is twisted and is not based on facts.

There are many video games out there but this one particular game is different. How is it different? well, if you release a game about Iran, it would get so much attention inside the country and 1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday is no different. The game grabbed a lot of attention in the past few days in Iran since the government and many organizations claimed that the story is not based on facts and it’s twisted.

Even, National Foundation of Computer Games reacted to this game and brought up the question ‘Why such a game about Iran’s revolution should be released outside of Iran with a twisted story?’. In response to this game, TheNational Foundation of Computer Games in Iran released an interesting news recently, stating that there is a game under development since three years ago with the story of Iran’s revolution and named ‘Iran 57’. 57 is a reference to the revolution year in the Persian calendar.

The game is being developed by the Resana Shokouh Kavir studio, which has developed many games for Iran’s market so far. “We started the development three years ago with the minimum amount of funding and support possible,” said Emad Rahmani, CEO of Resana Shokouh Kavir studio. “We can not compete with 1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday game with this kind of funding, this game was developed with ten times the funding that we’ve got.”

Another interesting story about this game is that any website that placed a download link for this game would get blocked by the Iranian filtering system. CEO of National Foundation of Computer Games believes that this game is an anti-Iranian game. In the past few days, government cleaned the stores and websites that were offering this game.

This is not the first time that such games are being released worldwide with a back story about Iran. There were other games targeting Iran’s history which government showed a reaction in the same way. We hope by developing good quality games by local studios, we can see the true story of Iran’s history.

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