Iran’s first mobile operator, Hamrah-e Aval (MCI) released its performance report in the past Persian year. MCI is currently ranked number one in Iran, the Middle East and South Asia in terms of the number of users.

Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran, known as MCI was established 1992 and later changed its name to Hamrah-e Aval (Meaning the First Operator). 5.5% of Iran’s first mobile operator’s shares were offered on the Iranian over-the-counter market in 2010, valued at $396 million.

Currently, 6910 cell sites of MCI provide 3G, and 307 cell sites provide 4G services in 470 cities of the country. The largest operator in Iran also saw 3.7x increase in its internet data usage compared to last year. MCI’s EPS had a 0.5 growth comparing to the previous Persian year, while the DPS had 128 percent growth comparing to two years ago (Persian year 1393).

Hamrah-e Aval (MCI) is considered as the number one mobile operator in Iran, the Middle East and South Asia in terms of the number of subscribers. The operator also stands in the 15th place globally in terms of the number of users.

77.9 Million Subscribers

MCI gained 7 million users in the Persian year 1394. Of the 7 million users gained in the past year, 560,000 of them were postpaid and 6,480,000 were prepaid. This brings the total number of MCI’s users to 77.9 million users.

MCI’s market share and penetration rate

MCI has 80.2 percent penetration rate in Iran and owns 59 percent of the sim cards sold in the country.

96.5 percent coverage of the country’s population

The first operator claims to have 100 percent 2G coverage in urban areas including residential islands. MCI also has 86.9 percent rural coverage in the country. 96.5 percent of the country’s population are under the coverage of MCI including 1242 cities of the country.

International roaming

MCI’s postpaid subscribers are able to have international roaming with 270 operators in 112 countries and destinations around the globe.

See this infographic for more information about the state of the three major mobile operators in Iran.

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