Germinal the Tehran based IoT startup is solving one of the first world problems and questions? What if the items you lose most come to you instead of you finding them?!

Their soon to be launched product Findima is a small device that can be attached to your car keys, your wallet or any other item you carry in order to notify you when you’re about to lose the Item. Findima is a location based device that works with a mobile app via bluetooth. When you leave your keys in cafe your phone starts vibrating and a notification pops when distance comes between your phone and your Findima device. The device also works vice versa, instead of asking your friend to call your phone to find it, you can push the button on the device and make your phone vibrate even on silent mode.

Germinal’s application also has a geo-track feature tracking the last known location of your device when it was connected to your device via bluetooth. It can also reconnect to the device once you get close and you can set it to vibrate to find your missing item.

The startup is currently raising fund through crowdfunding in a local crowdfunding startup in order to enter mass production. “One of our biggest difficulties as an IoT startup in Iran is mass production. Lack of resources for production from one hand, and on the other hand high cost of R&D are the obstacles in front of IoT startups.” Said co-founder Amir Ehsani. The team has currently set its Findima product for pre order and will enter mass production. The design and development of the product has been done by the team in Tehran, as of for mass production, the product must be out-sourced to a foreign country which is also an obstacle of hardware production for Iranians.

For now, Germinal is focusing on Iranian market and will soon extend its reach to international markets. It won’t be far in the future to see Iranian prodcuts and IoT startup shipping to countries around the world

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