It has been a great 9 months journey for TechRasa since its birth. TechRasa launched with the goal to expose Iran’s startup activities and to shed spotlight on Iranian entrepreneurs and their achievements.

Before TechRasa’s launch there was no dedicated media for Iran startup ecosystem to give international exposure to startup events and conferences in Iran, give Iranian entrepreneurs international exposure and to analyse the Iranian market. With an analytical approach we have brought first hand information and knowledge over Iran startup scene to the world, and we plan to continue this path to create value and contribute to the Iranian startup ecosystem.

One of TechRasa’s main responsibilities is to bridge the Iranian startup ecosystem to the world. In order to fulfil this duty we started to partner up with major startup events in the region such as Startup Istanbul, BDL accelerate and Step conference to further extend our media reach, to promote regional activities and connecting Iranian entrepreneurs to regional players. TechRasa has also been an official media sponsor to over 10 local events to foster the expansion of the culture of entrepreneurship in Iran.

TechRasa has 140 published posts in form of articles, videos and our recently launched podcasts called Rasa Talks. TechRasa’s content have been in forms of news, analysis & reports, interviews, infographics and more.


On the first day of the new Persian year we launched our first podcast series called Rasa Talks with the aim of bringing our readers the latest news on Iran’s startups scene and trends. The podcast is recorded and published every two weeks.

We have had great readership from around the world. Our readers were mostly from Iran, US, UK, Germany, India and the UAE. The average monthly growth of our readers has been about 32% which has given us the indication and motivation and to move forward in a stronger pace.

TechRasa Readers Around the Wrold

We have always aimed to bring articles our readers want best, with rich information without any side advertisements and banner ads. Beginning of September TechRasa provided its consultancy services to international companies that wanted to establish their base in Iran. TechRasa has helped companies in their market entry strategy and development.

We are happy to announce TechRasa has launched its market research arm focusing on IT,ICT, Payment and e-commerce. This will also create and opportunity for us to help Iranian and foreign companies in their research and development.

On TechRasa’s future activities, we are in the process of planning of multiple startup events that will be announced shortly, and  the launch of TechRasa Farsi in Q3 of 2016.

We like to thank all our readers, community supporters, media partners that supported us in the 9 months since our launch. With your feedbacks and support TechRasa has become the number one source of startup news and information on Iran for entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, and startup & tech enthusiasts around the world. We wish everyone celebrating norooz a happy new year, and we will be sure to have our readers updated on TechRasa’s activities and announcements.

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