Issuing license for the first satellite operator and launching it on the first quarter of the new Persian year is one of the priorities of Iran’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Ali Asghar Amidian, Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology, announced that one of the most important priorities of Ministry of Communication is to issue the license and launch the first satellite operator of Iran.

Ali Asghar Amidian
Ali Asghar Amidian, Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology

“Now in order to develop the final design, detailed design considered for satellite operator is sent to Iranian Space Agency for creating the regulations. After receiving the final terms of the Iranian Space agency, the principles governing the issuance of the licenses for satellite operators would be defined,” said Amidian. “It is anticipated that these regulations would be ready two months from now for the final approval of Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.”

Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology emphasized that for building and launching a national satellite, we are required to have a satellite operator. “The national satellite will be activated by the presence of private sector investment in this project, in addition to that, the private sector should consider the transfer of technology and management for this project. The presence of a satellite operator can be used to harness the power of the private sector in partnership with government to build national satellite,” he added.

Secretary of the telecommunications Regulatory Commission predicted that after bringing the principles governing the satellite operator license, the tender documents for the licensing, would be finalized and will be announced. And 6 months from now the license for the first satellite operator would be issued and it can start its operation.

According to the policies, any entity in need of satellite services will be required to receive the services from this satellite operator. Director of CRA (Communications Regulatory Authority) and Radio Communications asserted that the operator can have a satellite and provide its services to organizations that need these kinds of services. Providers of satellite communications in the country (SAP), Telecommunication Infrastructure Company and the Central Bank of Iran are the main users of satellite services in the country. As the main beneficiaries, these organizations should receive such services from this satellite operator and they can even participate in this project as investors.

At the end it’s another great step for Iran to fulfill its needs. We hope to see this matter to come true in the upcoming months.

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