Tagmond is an Iranian startup with a mass notification system for clothing brands in Iran. The startup launched in October 2014 and a couple of months later joined Dmond Startup Accelerator in Tehran.

The idea of Tagmond started when the team behind the startup found themselves having a hard time obtaining the right type of clothes for themselves in Iran. Although there are many international clothing brands in the country that are operating officially, fake products with the tag of original brands are available in most of the shopping malls. This has led many of the Iranian customers to not trust the local market and look for their desired brands in the neighbouring countries.

Tagmond, as the team mentions is a mass notification system for all the international and premium brands in Iran. Today Tagmond is trying to fill the market gap by partnering up with dozens of trusted and original clothing brands which are officially operating in Iran.

Right now this startup is holding a contest called “Stylist Sho” translated into English as “Become a Stylist”. Participants have to register on the website, create a style with a couple of items and share it on Instagram. The top 30 picture with the most likes will receive presents from the company.

Tagmond’s platform mainly aims at two things. The clothing businesses which want to know their customers better and the users who land on the website in hopes of finding the right type of products for themselves. As for the users, they will have the option to go through the items available by each brand, look for the prices, compare them, build their own set and finally find the address of the shop. The seasonal and occasional sales are also broadcasted through the app and the website.

The platform is designed to help the clothing brand companies to be in touch and interact with their users during and after their purchase. As the number of the users on the platform grows, the clothing companies would have access to some  data gathered by Tagmond. Some of the data include the ability to track the number of the views for each of their items and find out about the gender distribution of the customers and their geographical place. The analytics report could certainly help the fashion industry and the distributers to gain a better understating of the customers and hence come up with a clothing line that more suits the taste of the customers.

The team behind Tagmond has already released their app on iOS and Android so their users would have easier access to the platform. The users would get notified of the availability of their desired items or the promotional offers.

Tagmond has found a suitable solution to the need that had always been felt especially at a time when the economic doors are opening up to Iran and more international companies are stepping into the country.

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good startup about baby product and fashion &style

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