Bamilo sets up a public new year’s expo from March 2nd to 17th at the Bamilo expo right before Nowruz, the Persian new year.


The purpose of this open-to-public expo is to promote the culture of online shopping and how an ecommerce platform works. In this 10 day event Bamilo is also showcasing its new products to public, and  the announcement of the mobile versions of their Seller Center app which is a panel for the sellers and vendors to manage their inventory and products on the online marketplace on the go.

Bamilo has also planned a large scale Nowruz shopping festival with thousands of unique and limited time offers. To prepare for the tough competition shopping season before the Persian new year, Bamilo marketplace started a sales campaign on Black Friday to get market feedbacks on their future projects like Nowruz. Though it might seem strange to have sales on Black Friday which doesn’t have any definition in Iran whatsoever, it did give Bamilo the proper market feedback they wanted.

Ramtin Monazahian Bamilo
Ramtin Monazahian, CEO of Bamilo welcoming the crowd and talking about the purpose of the event

18 months from its launch, this online marketplace managed to have 700 sellers/vendors on board with 270 employees and 72,000 products on the platform. The expo conducted by Bamilo is the first event of its kind happening in Iran. “We want people to get more familiar with the culture of online shopping, and to get a first hand experience to see how an e-commerce platform like us works.” Said Ramtin Monazahian, founder and CEO of Bamilo today at their Nowruz event. Visitors also get a chance to meet the company team and ask questions.

The year of 2015 was the clash of titans in the Iranian e-commerce arena. The tough competition has caused key players to grow faster and increase their customer service quality. Events like these will have a positive effect in spreading the culture of online shopping which is still a few year old concept in Iran. We anticipate to see a tough competition on the Persian new year’s shopping season as the e-commerce giants race to sell the most favored products with the lowest price.