On Thursday, March third, Cafe Bazaar the popular Iranian Android marketplace held a press conference to brief reporters of its upcoming event called Panj-Shanbe Bazaar and to announce the launch of the new version of its app.

Cafe Bazaar is the most popular android marketplace in Iran which got founded in 2010. Cafe Bazaar has since filled the gap in the Iranian market by providing its services to the Persian speaking users while Google was blocking its services to the Iranian users due to the international sanctions.

During the press conference on Thursday evening, Hesam Armandehi co-founder and CEO of Cafe Bazaar talked about the upcoming Panj-Shanbe Bazaar which will take place from April 27 to 28th in Iran. Armandehi said the goal of this event in the first place is to ‘share the experience’ of this company and its community of more than 15,000 developers.

Cafe Bazaar press conference
Cafe Bazaar press conference

Panj-Shanbe Bazaar is an annual gathering of Cafe Bazaar’s developers in Iran which the first one event got held in February 2015. The event aims to bring in all the players in this industry at one place to discuss the new trends and their achievements. Panj-Shanbe Bazaar will include a couple of talks, workshops and panels with prominent local and international experts of the industry.

According to Armandehi, last year’s event aimed to gather the community of investors and developers to strengthen the ability of team building. But ‌the upcoming economic changes in Iran requires a new approach for the conference and that is to build high quality applications that are able to compete globally.


Cafe Bazaar installed on more than 28 million devices

CEO of Cafe Bazaar also announced that their marketplace app is installed on more than 28 million tablets and smartphone devices to date and has gained 120% revenue growth this year. Armandehi noted that in the upcoming Persian year, Cafe Bazaar is focusing more on data analysis, online payments and e-commerce developments to improve the users and developers’ experience.

Armandehi also welcomed the presence of foreign companies in Iran saying that this will not only help offer diverse products to Iranian users but also gives a chance to the local developers to gain experience and reach higher standards to work globally.


Cafe Bazaar Ver. 7

During the press conference the new version of Cafe Bazaar was also unveiled. Amin AmirSharifi‌ marketing director of Cafe Bazaar gave a brief introduction of the new version of Cafe Bazaar. The version 7 of the app has seen big changes in terms of user experience according to AmirSharifi.

Marketing director of Cafe Bazaar said that before and during the developments of the new version of the app a number of neurological and behavioural studies were conducted on the users to make sure of the outcome of the new version of the app.

Some of the new features include sign-up option by Google accounts or phone number and ‌the use of disposable passwords to improve the security and the ease of use. AmirSharifi noted that during the Panj-Shanbe Bazaar event they will provide the audience with the full features of the app and details that went through in developing the new version.


Panj-Shanbe Bazaar event

Hedie MiriMoghadam, branding manager of Cafe Bazaar told the reporters about the details of the upcoming Panj-Shanbe Bazaar, saying that this year’s conference is more focused on the core community of mobile app developers across the country. This year, Cafe Bazaar is preparing some especial facilities for the community of developers to attend the event.

MiriMoghadam noted that this year there will be panels with the subject of game development, fundraising and localisation with both Iranian and international experts. Pan-Shanbe Bazaar will take place at the conference centre of Milad Tower in Tehran on April 27 and 28th.

More information on Panj-Shanbe Bazaar event is available from here.

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