Doosti (Friendship) Satellite is ready for launch. Mohsen Bahrami, Head of Iranian Space Agency stated that with achievements that we had, we are now amongst the 15 countries that have the ability to design, build and launch satellites in the world.

Doosti Satellite
Doosti Satellite

Iran is putting major efforts into catching up with the space industry with rest of the world. The main theme of all these activities is peace. Iran is trying to show the world that all these activities are peaceful so they even named the new satellite Doosti which means friendship in Farsi. As Mohsen Bahrami, Head of Iranian Space Agency said on March first, in fifteenth International Conference of Iranian Aerospace Forum, Iran is amongst the 15 countries that have the ability to design, build and launch satellites to space.

Bahrami mentioned that Iran’s space activities are peaceful with the aim of national power, knowledge acquisition and commercialization of this effort. “From now on we should focus on the applications of space technology such as telecommunication and remote sensing for disaster management, agriculture environment, remote sensing and telecommunication data. Bahrami also noted that in the field of hardware and software development of satellites, Iran has had a great progress and should start working on the applications of this knowledge.

Head of the Iranian Space Agency also said that Iran had many programs to work on the research satellites. “With the will of Iranian students, Iran had developed Rasad, Navid and Doosti satellites. And now we have the ability to launch these satellite on our own.” said Bahrami. “Iran has been trying to gain the knowledge for developing research satellites in the past few years and now that we have it, we want to focus on the applications. In this context we should also work on our universities, space explorations, space debris and sending probes too.”

Iran launched its first satellite, Sinah-1 in 2005. From that time until now, Iran has made a great progress in aerospace field.

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