2nate, a Local crowdfunding platform for social impact projects, launches a new feature called “Crowd Judgement” for the first time in the world. On February 21st 2016, In an event organized by 2nate, social activists, charity organizations, the press and NGOs were invited to get introduced to 2nate and its new features.

Crowd Judgment in an crowdfunding platform is a new feature introduced by 2nate in order to validate social impact projects. Social impact projects initiated by organization get directly verified and passes to Crowd Judgment process. What 2nate does for independent social activists is it first verifies the legitimacy of the campaign creator, and then leaves the validation of the project itself in terms of value of impact, project goals and the execution process of the project to the 2nate users verified as social activists. Users can up vote and down vote. Verified 2nate social activist users validate the project through votes and a series of algorithms, that determines if the project gets the stamp of approval to go to the crowdfunding stage.

Networking at the event

The event kicked off by reintroducing 2nate and its achievements since launch. After that, a manager of a charity organization went up on stage to talk about his successful fundraising experience through the crowdfunding platform. The rest of the talks were focused on a tutorial on how to start a social impact project to social activists and NGOs, how to support a campaign and how the platform’s security work.

The event focused on educating the crowd to use 2nate crowdfunding platform to start raising fund and why it is a smarter and efficient way. This startup also introduced a new way to users to get to know more about the social causes and problems around them, and the opportunity to take action directly rather than waiting for the government to solve issues. The Crowd Judgement feature and the crowdfunding platform creates a unique environment for social activist to take action and cause impact, unlike other crowdfunding platform which only allows registered charity organizations and NGOs to use the platform.