Tame Noavari, an event by Tehran’s Academy of Entrepreneurship was held on Monday Feb 15th featuring CEO of Shatel and founders of Netbarg.

The theme for this event of Tehran’s Academy of Entrepreneurship was called “Tame Noavari” literally translated into English as “the taste of innovation”. These events usually feature one or two speeches along with an hour-long fireside chat with prominent startup founders where the host asks questions about the journey and challenges that person has faced.

Tehran’s Academy of Entrepreneurship with the theme of innovation
Photo Credit: Zahra Azarm

Vahid Ghanbarizadeh the co-organizer of the event kicked off the ceremony and invited Ehsan Ranjbar, a faculty member of Urban Developments group of Tarbiat Moadres University as the first speaker to come up on the stage. Ranjbar gave his speech on the role of entrepreneurship in architecture industry and the combination of those two. After him, Ahmad Nakhjavani CEO of Shatel Group came on the stage and gave a speech on innovation and the misconceptions that the new generation of entrepreneurs might have. Nakhjavani emphasized on the importance of the reasons one might step into the entrepreneurial road and told the audience about the higher values that could come along the way which are much important than the wealth it might bring.

Nakhjavani explained the basic meaning of innovation as “a significant change”, adding that many young enthusiasts of entrepreneurship don’t think realistically while working on their idea and some even don’t put enough time on their business plan and expect VCs to invest on them immediately.

Nakhjavani noted that Shatel has started investing on a couple of startups which most of them are content oriented. Movie Land, an online video streaming service dedicated to Shatel ISP users and Cup, a sports media are two of the new initiatives backed by Shatel Group. Shatel is considered as one of the biggest Internet Service Providers in Iran and has been able to gain a large amount of users in the past couple of years.

After Nakhjavani’s speech Alireza and Saman Sadeghian the co-founders of Netbarg group buying website joined the stage for the panel session hosted by Arash Berahmand from Peivast magazine. Alireza and Saman both have studied abroad but they decided to start their startup in Iran. Before starting Netbarg they had designed a website to sell Persian rugs online but eventually it didn’t work out for them as they imagined. When they first heard about Groupon and the idea of group buying they started to do more research on this field to implement the business in Iran.

Tehran’s Academy of Entrepreneurship with the theme of innovation
Panel with Ahmad Nakhjavani from Shatel and Alireza and Saman Sadeghian from Netbarg

Alireza and Saman said that they are now expanding their business and are working on a couple of new startups, one being Tik8, a ticket selling platform. Chilivery, a food ordering website and Clix, an affiliated Ad platform. During the panel Alireza Sadeghian emphasized that they never try to unbalance the market for the the sake of the competition. TechRasa will be having an exclusive interview with Netbarg founders in the upcoming days.

After the event students and entrepreneurial enthusiast gathered around to network and act upon business opportunities. Details on the next Tame Noavari event will be available on TechRasa’s social media networks.

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