The upcoming Iran parliament election on 26th of February is heating up as candidates launch their fierce advertising campaigns. Within this tough competition are the voters themselves overwhelmed with online and offline advertising content from the few hundred candidates.

Then came the famous Hamsane app which provides a dedicated page to chosen candidates to showcase themselves and to get in contact with their followers. This had created a portal for voters to research about the parliament candidates, get first hand news from that candidates, read about their backgrounds and achievements, upcoming plans and a chance to get in direct contact with them.

The Android and iOS app has provided the smartest advertising channel for candidates, and also the most efficient way for voters to get the best first hand info in order to choose the preferred candidates from different political party.

Hamsane’s premium campaign package for candidates

In addition to the app itself, Hamsane also provides a dedicated unique campaign packages to candidates with a unique page and unique features through Hamsane app itself. In this package Hamsane also provides an offline wireless system for candidates to place in their campaign headquarters and conferences to provide the specific candidates info, video and images, and other commercialized material straight to your phone without the use of internet. Any person with a smartphone can download the app and the candidate’s unique content straight from the routers without the use of internet. The latest candidates videos and images will also be synced with the user’s phone upon connecting to the offline router.


As of now, there are around 40 million smartphones in Iran which created the necessary infrastructure for apps like Hamsane to provide this specific service. It is interesting to see voters have reached a level to use these kind of innovations and using their smartphone they have in their hands as a tool in Iran. Iran’s smartphone boom has created a massive market for new companies to harness the power smartphones hold in 40 million hands, creating a new era for Iran startups. Many governmental arms have recently noticed this opportunity and are using this potential to lower costs and to bring new features.

We are anxious to see Hamsane’s impact on the upcoming Iranian election landscape and other companies inspired from this act.

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