Head of Tehran Computer Technology Union said an Apple Store would be opened by a person who claims to have the necessary licenses.

Seyed Mehdi MirMehdi in an interview with Tasnim News Agency announced the opening of an Apple Store in Iran. He added that the person who claims to have the official permission from Apple to sell its products in Iran has been lobbying with Tehran Computer Technology Union for a while now, to get the required permissions to starts its activity in Iran.

Head of Tehran Computer Technology Union added that this person has been considering to open three offices to provide services for the costumers in Iran. This individual who’s identity is unknown to us is also claimed that he already has a large space in Taleghani Avenue to provide after-sales services. Apple Store is scheduled to be launched in Suhrevardi Avenue. There is also a warehouse in Qom road to store the products.

He couldn’t disclose the identity of this person. But, we can hope with the meetings ahead, the identity of this person would be revealed to the public soon. We should also note that there were many incidents that people or companies claimed that they have an official license to sell apple products in Iran but all of them were nothing but shams. MirMehdi added that there is no official sign on Apple’s or its distributors’ website  about the authenticity of these claims.

MirMehdi also confirmed that he checked after-sales, Shop and warehouse places and they are all authentic. So we can hope that this time with sanctions got lifted, we would have an official Apple Store and Apple services in Iran. However, He hasn’t seen any license from Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade nor Apple yet to confirm this.

Apple Stores openings usually would be held with apple’s officials and yet there is no sign from them. MirMehdi said that the shop hasn’t been opened yet and we might see some some of the apple’s executives for the opening (If the claims would be true). It worths to mention that there were other rumors about Apple executives seeing Iranian potential distributors in London and even in there were some talks in GITEX exhibition in the past couple of months. Even there were some talks that during an unofficial visit, one of Apple’s senior managers has informed President of Iran’s ICT Association Council that Apple wants to take legal action against the use of its logo in Iran.

Economic sanctions on Iran have been lifted but American companies still can’t work with Iran directly. Maybe we could see Apple as the first American Company to enter in Iran’s Market. And with the popularity of Apple products in Iran, Apple could enter a great market with 80 millions population.