Mahmoud Vaezi, Minister of Communication said by the end of next Persian year, all the country’s major cities would have 4G internet.


A lot of work has been done in the past couple of years to improve the 3G and 4G networks in the country, “As of today, 460 cities nationwide have access to 3G network and 160 cities have access to 4G internet. Only in Khuzestan Province, 27 cities have been equipped with 3G and 12 cities are equipped with 4G network. Hopefully by the end of next year all the country’s major cities would have 4G internet access,” said Vaezi the Communication Minister of Iran at Shahid Chamran University.


In terms of broadband services to the villages, Vaezi added that in the past two years government has spent 600 Billion Toman (Nearly 171 Million Dollars) and this number would increase to 900 Billion Toman (Nearly 257 Million Dollars). “We are trying to bring broadband to rural areas. We want to make the life of rural population easy and help the cultural state and welfare of our people. We also seek to reduce the digital gap between urban and rural areas. Officials of Khuzestan are interested in ICT and they are motivated to work on the e-government development program of Iran the in the province.”


Right now people in major cities can really feel the difference in mobile internet in comparison to a few years back. Two years ago nobody imagined for the people of Iran to have 1Mb internet access on their smartphones, but 3G and 4G networks have expanded so fast in the country. Many Startups and businesses flourished by mobile internet developments in the past year. Many businesses launched their app to use this channel to provide better and more accessible services to their customers.


The speed of 3G and 4G development was really good in the past year, we hope that in the next year, government could speed up the developments even faster.

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