Technology is playing a big role in education and education-focused startups are considered to have a big impact in this fast growing industry. These startups are either directly teaching the user a specific subject (some by gamification elements) or they are easing the process of learning and finding an easier solution to traditional methods. The biggest problem facing the education system in schools, universities and academies is that the courses are not practical and easy enough to understand for everyone. Hence the ed-tech startups have to try to be more about action than theory by building an interactive interface. A key success indicator for these startups is implementing an innovative system which is easily accessible and also affordable. Fair pricing could be a challenge for these education-based startups, as they need to come up with low-cost solutions for students with limited budgets.

Here are a few education-based startups that are trying to fill the gap in this market.

Duel Konkoor

duel konkoor

Duel Konkoor is an app dedicated to helping the students studying for Konkoor exam, a competitive examination where candidates are ranked according to their grades in order to enter the Iranian universities. Duel Konkoor uses a gamification system where users can add their friends on the app and challenge them in a marathon of questions related to the fields of the exam. The more questions the player gets right, the more points they receive and become a champion on the leader boards.




An online education platform similar to Lynda which offers various tutorial courses such as animation and film design, programming, building websites and business. Currently more than 30,000 minutes of educational videos are available on Faranesh. Faranesh produces its videos but also lets the users to record videos of themselves and sell them through the platform.


Ostad Salam

Ostad Salam

Ostad Salam is not a education startup but rather a platform to find teachers and arrange private classes, workshops or attend virtual courses. Ostad Salam currently has 8000 teachers on its platform and claims to have the biggest community of tutors in Iran. Students are able to search for a specific subject/skill in their city and see the list of tutors, their information and ratings on the website. Teachers also have access to a panel to add their bio by themselves.




Nimkat is an Android app targeting the Iranian high school students. Many courses such as mathematics, physics and chemistry are available as videos on the app. In the videos an animated blackboard is shown and the teacher’s voice could be heard as the texts and pictures are being shown. The videos are available online and can also be downloaded to the phone.


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