The first E-business Improvement Conference will take place on Wednesday January 27th in Esfahan, Iran. The talks in the conference will include various topics related to e-commerce and ranges from running an online business in Iran to overcoming the challenges in this sector.

Today online sales via Internet and mobile devices are growing exponentially. The competition in the online business sector has become more serious than ever. The only businesses that can stand out in this field are the ones which have a good understanding of the market.

A measure of success for online businesses is to move their business forward along with the latest trends and visions in this field. With every day developments in technology, online businesses should consider acquiring new skills and finding new ways to expand and grow their business. A good understanding of customer behavior, predicting what the customer wants, a good customer care and having a strong presence on social media are some of the best practices to improve your e-commerce website.

Online shopping is also becoming more popular in Iran, but e-commerce websites still need to work on their credibility to gain customers’ trust and grow their market. Digikala, Bamilo, Buyex and Chare are some of these well-known online shops that Iranians are aware of. However, Iran’s 80 million population and its tech and consumer savvy consumers still show a high demand for businesses of such.

Esfahan’s E-business Conference aims at bringing together some of the Iranian researchers and players in online businesses to discuss the latest ideas and practices in this sector.

Conference Topics

  •  Terms, conditions and regulations for running an online business in Iran
  •  Technical and communicational infrastructures
  •  Security and “Trust icon” (known in Iran as E-namad)
  •  Economic developments
  •  Entrepreneurship and job creation
  •  E-banking
  •  Logistics


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