Hackarestan is a new series of hackathon events in Iran. The first event will be held from January 27th to 29th in Tehran. The aim of the event is to find solutions to a couple of educational challenges.

According to statistics Iran has 12 million students and the Internet penetration in the country has reached to more than 82 percent. Currently from every 2 Iranians, one owns a smartphone and this makes a total of 4.5 million students who are the target market of mobile apps.

A Hackathon is an event where software developers gather to collaborate on specific software projects. Hackarestan is a new hackathon initiative which will be held with the help of Iran’s Vice-Presidency For Science and Technology, Anarestan Group, Sohrevardi Cultural Center and Jahesh Innovation Center. Hackarestan will take place from Wednesday morning to Friday evening, January 27th to 29th. Three to five challenges will be presented to the attendees, and the teams have to come up with solutions by building Android applications related to those challenges. The goal of the event is to create a usable software to help the students and the educational community in Iran.

To attend the event you need to register as a team consisting of at least 3 to maximum 5 individuals. The teams can apply for the pre-registration on Hackarestan’s website, the selected teams will then be officially informed and invited to take part in the event. The admission fee for each member of the team is 150,000 Tomans ($40). The registration will close on January 20th, 12 PM Tehran time. Take note that during the hackathon the attendees won’t be able to leave the venue.


In the third day of the event, the teams get to present their applications to the jury members. The best app receives 20 Million Toman (5.5 thousand Dollars) and the second and third teams will take home 10 and 5 Million Toman cash respectively. The developed apps can only be submitted exclusively on Anarestan Android market.

To find out more about the event in Farsi go to Hackarestan.com

To join the team of volunteers for Hackarestan go to this page.

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