Abrarvan the first company in Iran that provides Content Delivery Network (CDN), Web Acceleration and Cloud Security, officially launched its services. Abrarvan is backed by Fanap, the ICT holding company owned by Pasargad Financial Group.

CDN services deliver cached content from your website to the user by utilizing a number of strategically placed servers around the world. When a web page is opened by the user, depending on the location, the closest server will deliver the requested content.

CDN services could considerably boost the speed of static contents, improve the loading time, reduce server loads, prevent site crashes during traffic surges and increase the website ranking. This service is specially important for ecommerce websites, pages with downloadable content and media networks offering live streaming. CDNs also help protect the website from DDOS attacks.

Tasnim News reported that Abrarvan has signed contracts with some of the major Iranian ISPs such as Shatel, Pars Online and Hiweb to host its servers in their data centers. “Our servers outside the country are in United States, France, England, Netherlands, Germany and Japan. The domestic servers are in Mashad, Esfahan, Ahvaz, Tehran, Rasht and Tabriz,” said Pouya Pirhosseinloo CEO and Co-founder of Abrarvan. “Abrarvan’s target market in the primary stage are Iranian websites, which some might be hosted inside or outside the country,” he added.

According to Pirhosseinloo, CDN services help reduce the data traffic usage up to 60 percent and will greatly enhance the loading time of the websites using the service. “Well-known CDN companies such as Akamai, Cloudflare and Incapsula need to have a PoP (Point of Presence) site inside Iran to provide the content in a faster way. The sanctions and the poor quality of Iran’s international Internet links might be the reason such has not happened yet,” said the Co-founder of this startup.

There are a couple of security layers that Abrarvan uses, namely: Firewall, WAF and IDS/IPS solutions. All the data goes to Abrarvan servers and the filtered data gets sent to the end user. Abrarvan also provides Video CDN for on-demand video streaming which helps deliver the best video quality possible in compliance with the user’s Internet speed.

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Hmmm interesting , last i heard from ParsOnline representives in web and mobile conference , iran didnt have the infrasrtucture for a Domestic CDN


How do I find out where the site is loaded?