The very first e-ACT conference was held on December 17th at National Library Conference Center in Ghalam hall. Iran’s Consortium Of Online Businesses organized this conference as a kick-off of a 3 months program to educate enthusiasts about online business.

e-ACT Is Here to Educate

The conference had nearly 200 attendees and many founders and CEOs of popular Iranian startups attended the event. The 3 months program consists of 4 courses:

1. Branding
2. Business Model Canvas
3. Web Design and Management
4. Online Sale
e-ACT did an extensive research on the needs of the young generation to run an online business. These four courses were the main materials that were needed to start an online business. Additional to the courses, e-ACT believes each online business needs a mentor on the way, that’s why they are going to assign one mentor to each online business. This way the mentor can follow the path of the business, and will be able to give mentorship to the founders for better decision making.

Kick Off

Conference kicked off with Mohammad Sadegh Maleki, giving the opening speech. Maleki stated that this conference was held with the goal of creating a competitive environment, transferring the experience, a solution for starting an online business and creating jobs for the new generation. The main aspects of e-ACT conference were: educating the young generation through transferring the experience and the speeches, introducing the new successful online businesses and showing them opportunities for entering the market. Moreover, e-ACT offered its Golden Click Award to the best online businesses in different categories. DigiKala, Esam, Anetwork, Beeptunes, Pardakht, Netbarg won the Golden Click award.

Criteria for Picking the Big Businesses

Maleki talked about the criteria for picking the big online businesses, “Market size, innovation, leadership were some of the criteria for picking the big online businesses that were invited to this conference. That’s why we picked businesses like DigiKala, Netbarg, Esam, Anetwork as the big businesses,” he mentioned. According to Maleki, by consulting, supporting and making a platform, e-ACT tries to pave the way for the young generation of Iran. There was a panel in the conference with the subject of “Ideas and making opportunity”. Hamid Mohammadi cofounder of Digikala, Alireza Sadeghian cofounder of Netbarg, and Sam Modonpour founder of Esam were some of the main figures in this panel.

We Need More of These Conferences

Apart from the fact that this conference has been organized for the first time and it had its positive impacts, we need to work more on the content that these conferences provide for the attendees. The main goal of these kind of conferences should be educating the young generation and connecting them with experienced founders. Hopefully the number of events and conferences focusing on education are rising and we hope to see more of them in our community.

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