The 21st International Exhibition of Electronics, Computer and E-commerce (ELECOMP) took off with an opening ceremony on December 14, 2015. ELECOMP is the biggest and greatest commercial event in Iran’s tech market.

What is ELECOMP?

ELECOMP provides a unique opportunity for tech companies to expose their new products and services. Looking at the event’s history, ELECOMP has always been known for being the place to showcase new achievements, find new potential partners and to get more brand exposure in the market. The government of Iran is one of the biggest customers of the market, looking for partners and companies to boost its plans in the Electronic Government sector. Because of this, the government has also been one of the key promoters of the expo. Other SME’s and huge tech corporates from Iran and the region have always counted big on Tehran’s annual ELECOMP event. The event is scheduled to be held between 14th-17th December.

This year’s ELECOMP came with a new twist. For the very first time, spaces has been given to Iranian startups to showcase themselves on the fairground. Around 70 booths has been dedicated to startups in Hall 18. This has given the startups a unique opportunity to get the proper exposure they need. In the past 2 days, ELECOMP’s kick startups have signed partnership deals, acquired new customers and have had a decent amount of brand exposure.

Startup Booths

Free booth has been given to seed-stage startups for this 4 day expo. And among them, some well known seed-stage startups could be seen. From well known startups such as Navaak, Reyhoon and Camva to recently launched Fastivery, an online grocery delivery service.

Who Visited

When we asked some of the visitors in Hall 18 about their intentions of visiting this specific hall, many answered by saying “We are here for the startups”. We are sure with these couple of thousand over expected visitors, there would be a much larger fairground area associated to startups next year in the 22nd ELECOMP. We anticipate with all the startup hype pumping up in Iran. Hopefully we will see a much more rapid growth in Iran’s startup scene in 2016 and following that, more governmental and institutional support of Entrepreneurs. Many university students and aspiring entrepreneurs were also seen amongst the visitors.

There are still 2 days left of this year’s ELECOMP. If you are in Tehran be sure to visit Hall 18 of Tehran’s Permanent International Fairground to meet some Iranian seed stage startups, and a chance to talk with the founders in person.

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