E-ACT conference, “the first gathering of Iran’s leaders of online businesses” will take place on December 17th at the conference hall of Iran’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.

In the recent years, growth of online businesses has been stunning. Many have started an online business as their primary source of income or at least made it a side job or a hobby. According to a research done by e-ACT from statistics obtained by Google services, Mazandaran has been the most active province in Iran regarding to online businesses. After Mazandaran, the other active provinces are Khorasan, Azerbaijan, Isfahan and Tehran respectively.

Thanks to the vast information and tools which can now be obtained effortlessly, running an online business has become much easier. But still there are many challenges facing entrepreneurs who are just stepping into this field.

The purpose of e-ACT conference is to teach the attendees more about online businesses, motivating and enabling them toward the entrepreneurial spirit and running a startup, encouraging traditional businesses to approach the online world and for the attendees to meet the experts from some of the biggest online businesses in Iran and to network with a big community of entrepreneurs.

Executives from some of the most successful Iranian online businesses such as Hamid Mohammadi from Digikala, Mohammad Javad Shakouri from Aparat, Alireza Sadeghian from Netbarg, Sam Madanpour from Esam, Farzam Hejazi from Beeptunes along with many other well-known entrepreneurs are attending e-ACT conference.

The event will consist of the following panels:

  1. Ideas and creating opportunities
  2. Introduction to some of the successful startups
  3. Challenges of running an online business

E-ACT conference is the event kick-off for a 6 month course focused on teaching enthusiasts on how to run an online business. During the course, four workshops on Internet branding, business model canvas generation, web management and online sales will be held for the attendees.

For the Farsi speaking audience, to learn more about this event visit e-ACT’s website.

TechRasa will attend the event, so make sure to check out the live tweets.

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