If you are a Telegram user in Iran, you may have experienced some data traffic problems in the past 2 or 3 days. Right now the problems are gone and this popular text messaging application is back to its normal state.

After last week’s argues between Telegram and Iranian officials, it seems that they have reached a conclusion on whatever the issue was.

Telegram’s CEO, Pavel Durov, accused Iran for trying to spy on its citizens and Iran’s Minister of Communications declared Iran wants to provide moral safety for internet users.

After many rumors circling around, Durov announced on his official twitter account that Telegram is processing the censorship of explicit adult materials distributed in its channels.

“Most porn channels are blocked in and outside Iran. If an app is used to spread porn it can get kicked from AppStore (like @vkontakte)”, he replied an Iranian twitter user.

Right now, when Telegram users try to open some channels inside Iran, they encounter the following message: “Sorry, this channel is unavailable in your country due to local restrictions”.

This reaction probably associated to the large number of Iranian users on Telegram and the probability of the app getting entirely filtered by the decision of Iranian authorities.

“Since our system administrators confirm that the Iranian government’s report of cable disruption is probable, my earlier claim about Telegram getting blocked may have been inaccurate (or at least premature),” Durov explained in a statement on his personal channel on Telegram.

Iran’s Vice Minister of Culture, Nooshabadi, along with many sociologists and psychologist believe filtering is not the solution to cut the immoral content off the mindset of a society.

“Filtering Telegram is not the solution and we cannot stop social networks. If anyone tries to abuse these kinds of applications, there should be a fundamental solution for this problem,” said Nooshabadi.

“Filtering of Telegram is a general decision and this ministry has never requested the filtering of this text messaging app,” he added.

Telegram is one the most popular text messaging services in Iran with over 20 million users.

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