Iran’s Minister of Communications in a meeting with his Russian counterpart agreed upon the presence of Yandex in Iran. Yandex is the dominant search engine in Russia and soon would have an office in Iran so it could service Iranians better.

Since there is a close diplomatic relationship between Iran and Russia, Russia is always trying to collaborate on every possible opportunity in Iran’s market. It is said that the internet is completely ruled and managed by western powers and now other countries have their objections hoping to break this monopoly.

After a meeting with Mahmoud Vaezi, Minister of Communications of Iran, with his Russian counterpart it was noted that Iran and Russia have developing relation in politics, security, economy and ICT. Iran would like to collaborate with Russia in every possible aspects. “We will have talks with Russia and other countries which want to reduce the monopoly over the global internet management,” Vaezi added.

He also believes the number of protesting countries on this issue is growing and even some of the European countries are supporting this protest as a consequence of previous incidents.

He emphasized on cooperation in research and development by saying “200 thousand people have graduated from ICT programs per year in Iran. Many of well known chiefs in large companies in the ICT field in pioneering countries are Iranian, so we can collaborate with each other by using on Ideas and knowledge to enhance our production”.

As we all know the importance of information security is evident to everyone. “Iran and Russia could develop an experience exchange program on this issue and provide a high rate of information security for their citizens,” Vaezi added.

Vaezi said Russia has a great deal of experience in running social networks. “Iran also wants to enhance its domestic social networks” he revealed.

Iran has 2 major search engines namely: Yooz and Parsijoo. In a modern lifestyle, literally no one can live without search engines. Every answer we search for, somehow comes out of the internet by using search engines.

Vaezi told the press that he reached an agreement with his Russian counterpart for Yandex to open a field office in Iran to provide a better service to Iranians.

“We are ready to have bilateral cooperations with Russia in Farsi with the help of Yooz and Parsijoo search engines.” he pointed.

Internet of Things, management of big data and smart city were the other topics discussed in this meeting.

Photo: Courtesy of Tasnim News Agency.

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