The Iranian audio distribution platform Namlik launched its mobile app on Android.

When the term “podcasting” was first used in 2004 in The Guardian newspaper, maybe no one predicted this much of popularity for it in a few years after. A recent study conducted by Edison Research shows that 45 million 12+ Americans have at least listened to one podcast each month. With no doubt, the increasing number of smartphones has helped to amplify these numbers.

In Iran, mobile penetration rate is 120% and about 38% of the population hold a smartphone in their hands. 3G and 4G services across the country, by Iran’s 3 mobile operators has also made a huge impact on the popularity of internet based services like podcasts. But due to filtering of websites like Soundcloud in Iran, there had been no suitable platform for Iranians to broadcast their content.
Screenshot from Namlik app

Namlik is a producer and distributor of curated audio content in Iran or as the founders mention, “It’s Flipboard in audio”. The content on Namlik’s website is provided either by Namlik themselves, or their media partners in Iran. A team of professional and semi-professional narrators, narrate the content into podcasts for listeners on the platform. Some of their media partners include newspapers such as, Jam-e-Jam and Shargh, and the popular tech blogs such as Digiato and Zoomit.

Registered users can follow their favorite channels on Namlik and get notifications whenever a new podcast is available. Up until now more than 200 audio programs with subjects ranging from technology, entrepreneurship, life style, health and politics are available for free on the website and the app. These podcasts have been listened to more than 27000 times.

Namlik is planning to produce English content in the near future to further expand its content variety and market share.

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