After Iran’s nuclear talks and reaching the agreement to lift the international sanctions, Iran’s first mobile operator, MCI found two international bidders. This fact shows that our young country is a great market of telecommunication business. 

Out of three major telecommunication companies in Iran – MCI, MTN Irancell, Rightel – ; MCI (Mobile telecommunication Company of Iran), the Governmental Agency for telecommunication in Iran, is the most penetrated and profitable company. And so the most demanded one for investors.

Vahid Sadoughi gave some explanations on foreign companies appetency for entering Iran’s communication industry. “ There is a lot of appeal in this matter and we even reached some agreements with two companies, though as the matter is a little bit susceptible, I prefer not to name them” Sadoughi told.

“Although there are some foreign operators willing to buy some of MCI’s stock share, they don’t want more information leak into the medias.” he mentioned.

“The presence of foreign operators in Iran’s telecommunication market as of buying MCI’s stock share, needs some specific rules and it should be revealed on a specific time.” MCI’s CEO explained. Let’s have in mind the fact that global income of telecommunication industry decreased in recent years; But as we have a look at MCI’s status, it’s promising.

“They are fiercely trying to buy MCI’s stock share as a profitable company because in the past 10 years, some changes have been applied to this industry and world operator’s income has decreased so much, while MCI is still improving in that category” he said.

Over the news of french company – Orange – presence as the stock share buyer of some Iran’s communication operator which previously issued by Communication Minister; Sadoughi cleared that although the minister named the company but MCI is a joint-stock company and has no restriction on selling its share by exchange market.

MCI is a joint-stock company and 10% of its share is under the rules of SEO (securities and exchanges organization). Iranian registered companies and INCs are able to buy up to 10% of MCI’s share. If more is demanded it should be under the license of SEO and has its own procedure.


Photo: courtesy of Orange

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