In a recent interview, Hossein Mehri Chief Executive of Iran Post Company, talked about the new mechanisms they’re implementing in the near future to further expand their business.

“We’re participating with private sectors to distribute products from foreign e-commerce websites. Right now a private company has signed a deal with eBay, and Iranians will be able to buy products from them by October. Another company has also signed a deal with Alibaba and Amazon”, said the CEO of this state-run Iranian company.

Shahram Heyshad, Managing Director of IPC’s “New service developments” said, for now, they’re working with a website called Yaataa.

Yaataa is on its beta version right now and will officially launch by mid-October. Some products that are available on eBay are selectively on Yaataa’s website. Users can see the original price of items and the shipping price in dollars and Toman.

“We did some negotiations with Iran’s customs. Products ranging from 50 to 80 dollars are exempted from customs duties.” Said Mehri. He added that right now, more than 80 percent of the products that are imported to Iran are duty free.

An item listed on Yaaraa
An item listed on Yaaraa

Due to the sanctions imposed on Iran’s economy, Iranians haven’t been able to use services from Amazon or eBay. For the past few years, if an Iranian needed a product that wasn’t available in the country, they had to ask someone in neighboring countries to buy it for them there and post it to Iran. Some companies outside Iran seized the opportunity and made businesses off this situation.

According to Mehri, Iran Post Company has delivered 5 million and 300 thousand parcels in the past year with a value of 320 billion Toman (approximately 100 million dollars).

“New communication networks like Internet, Satellite TV and even social media has had a lot of impact on Iran Post and its missions”.

Now that the Iran Deal is gaining support from the United States congress, many opportunities could arise for trade between the two countries.

Digikala, the equivalent of Amazon in Iran, has more than 750,000 unique visitors each day. The company offers many payment and shipping methods.

According to historic documents, the first postal system was built during the kingdom of Cyrus the Great, the founder of Persian Empire (550 BC).

Source: ITIran

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