Every week we’ll be bringing you the highlights of Iran’s tech scene in the past week. This week, we covered the growth of Iranian Android games, total revenue of the mobile phone registry scheme, China’s official request to save ZTE and MTN’s efforts to repatriate its money from Iran.

94% Growth Rate in the Iranian Android Games’ Revenue

According to Tasnim, Cafe Bazaar, Iran’s biggest Android app store, has released its most recent data concerning Iranian applications and games’ status in this market. This data shows that last year (1396 in Persian year) had a 94% growth rate in the Iranian games compared to its previous year (1395). This growth is also noticeable in Iranian apps as well which was reported to be 64%. 

Overall the number of Iranian developers in this market had reached 23 thousand teams by the end of the previous Persian year (1396). These teams were successful in providing 151 thousand apps and games for Iranian subscribers to enjoy on their phone. 

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50 Million Dollars of Revenue Thanks to the Mobile Registry Scheme

After the Iranian government’s serious determination to fight the country’s phone smugglings, the mobile phone registry scheme was executed step by step to end this problem once and for all. With the efforts of the government and especially the ICT Ministry, today all the brands of mobile phones are included in this scheme. This way the government is enjoying an immense revenue from importing mobile phones into the country. 

ITmen reported that according to Azari Jahromi, Minister of ICT, the latest number for this revenue is 200 billion Tomans (about 47, 5 million Dollars). He also mentioned that: “our efforts for executing this scheme is that none of our people face any challenges as the final consumers”.

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China’s Official Request from the U.S. to Annul ZTE Sanctions 

According to Tasnim, a senior trading official requested the American representative in the same position to reconsider the sanctions that their country opposed on the tech company ZTE. The purpose of this meeting was reported to prevent any US-China trade war. 

The United States previously opposed its sanctions on ZTE, banning them from any tech imports from the U.S. for 7 years. The reason was that ZTE was exporting its products to countries such as Iran and North-Korea which the U.S. prohibited. ZTE also claimed that they had fired the responsible employees, however it was denied by the Americans. 

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MTN to Get its Money Out of Iran

The South-African Telecom giant, MTN, is trying to pull out its money from Iran. This company, concerned about Trump’s possible exit from the Iranian nuclear deal, is now negotiation with the Central Bank of Iran to repatriate its 300 million Euros as soon as possible. 

This company is known in Iran as one of the biggest shareholders of the country’s second mobile network operator, Irancell. Also for the past couple of years this company has entered Iran’s tech scene, investing largely in the country’s prominent startups. For the full report, you can read the article below.

MTN Negotiates to Bring out Its 300 Million Euros from Iran

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