Recently, I was introduced to the world of Dubsmash. A quick search on Instagram gave me over 20 user choices that were sporting the official Dubsmash logo most being sister pages that concentrated on Iranian users. With a keen interest on the social behavior of online users in Iran, I started digging out some numbers.

A bit of background:

70% of Iran’s population is under the age of 35. That being said, Iran is also considered to have a highly educated population of youth within the country.

In a matter of 4 years Iran transitioned from no mobile internet providers to 4G. This change allowed the rise in mobile internet penetration to 38.67% meaning over 29 million Iranians currently have access to internet via their mobile phones.

With previous analysis of social activities, we know that 5.5 million Iranians are subscribed to Clash of Clans — and online strategy game application built for smart phones. We also know that there are currently 10 million active downloads of Instagram on Android devices only in Iran.

These numbers in short lead us to believe just how quickly users in Iran adapt to change (specifically in tech). Dubsmash is no different.

Local users rising just after 4 months of Global Dubsmash Launch.

First Dubsmash post: February 11th 2015 made by the official Dubsmash page.

First local Dubsmash post: May 20th 2015

This concludes to yet again how quickly local communities picked up on the application and started posting.

In a matter of one month, local pages over passed Global Dubsmash Page

All data has been acquired thanks to fanpagekarma, an incredible tool to do social media analysis!


Date where local posts overpasses official Dubsmash page: June 20th 2015

Date where popularity of the app skyrocketed in Iran: Mid September

Local Dubsmash pages outperform the official dubsmash page by an average of 4x


Iran.dubsmash alone accumulated 13 million likes and comments in only two months!

In just two months, Iran. Dubsmash went on viral mode and acquired 13 million interactions. 


Instagram is ranked 53 on Alexa in Iran; with the viral movement of Dubsmash we can now have a better look into just how Iranian users integrate their interests on the social platform.

Falling closely in second place is another app, very similar to Dubsmash but solely focused on clips of songs that you can sing to and edit your video frame by frame.

Dubsmash and local pages are making thousands of dollars every month solely on advertisement

With fame comes the opportunity to monetize. On average each page posts up 4 shout-outs/day from companies who pay a good amount to grab their followers attention. From jewelry makers to carpet sellers, businesses are storming in to get a spotlight on these pages.


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