When we called Bodofood to ask questions about our order, they answered by saying “Zoodfood may I help you”. Changing the companies address to the same address of Bodofood HQ, and the same implies to the company names when we check on Rooznameh Rasmi (the data base of all Iranian companies).
Though no official announcement was made by Zoodfood or Bodofood, but there are whispers of a 8 Billion Rials ($270k) of acquisition.
Bodofood is also one of Rocket Internet’s Ventures in Iran alongside Bamilo, Mozando, Snapp, Eskano. All these companies are under the holding name of Romak, with a joint venture with MTN Irancel called MEIH.
The German company is known for its secretive activities within the country, and the fact that they do not expose these information and be transparent in Iran could be a part of their secretive policies.
Bodofood acquiring Zoodfood leaves Reyhoon, another major competitor in the market.

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But this happened last year guys, right as MEIH were launching their services…


yup. one year ago, @dudexk:disqus those day it was MEIH yes 🙂


$270k seems like nothing compared to acquisitions in Silicon Valley.. you sometimes wonder if it is even worth spending so much time and resources in Iran’s startup market!