Getting involved and connecting to an up-and-coming community that you haven’t had any idea it even existed could be tricky! Here we’ve narrowed it down to 8 events that could get you started.

Iran Web & Mobile Conference

  • A two day conference for web designers, developers and creative technologist followed by exciting hands-on workshops in the heart of the Middle East! The 7th annual web and mobile conference was held on February 2015 at the international congress center of Beheshti University. This year more than 700 Techies, 30 investors along with more than 15 local and international thought provoking speakers attended the conference.



Startup Grind Tehran

  • Startup Grind is a monthly event featuring an hour long fireside chat with successful local entrepreneurs where the host asks questions about the journey and all the challenges and lessons that person had. The event also includes a networking program before and after the chat where the attendees exchange ideas and talk about their own projects and startups. 8 Events have been held by May 2015.




  • There’s no speaker and no invitation needed…and it’s free! This networking event is held every week on Wednesdays. Developers, designers and basically anyone interested in starting their own startup, or anyone interested in joining one gathers in the office of a hosted company and talks about the opportunities and challenges they’re facing in this community. Hamfekr started in Tehran and has spread to more than 7 cities in Iran. So far more than 1200 people have attended this event only in Tehran.



Startup Spark

  • Previously known as Iran Startups, this event was first held in 2013 as a networking event and a gathering between the startup community builders. Right now the event consists of a fireside chat with prominent startup founders and has been held 12 times. Startup Spark, is one of the most significant events held in Tehran and is now being expanded to other cities.



Wise Up

  • A breakfast with entrepreneurs of your city! Organized by Vahidian sisters for the first time on November 2013. During the program a couple of questions are presented and two startup entrepreneurs are invited to talk about the challenges they have faced or are facing. Afterwards the attendees try to give their opinion and solutions to those problems.




  • A night full of coding and pizza with a technical community, led by a local network of creative programmers! In this event, programmers compete and get to know each other and network in person. The event is free to attend, and companies who are interested in hiring passionate developers can sponsor this program.



Café Karafarini

  • “Entrepreneurship café” is an event held by the faculty of entrepreneurship of Tehran University. 9 events have been held by now, and more than 1000 techies have attended this event. The event consists of a fireside chat with a successful entrepreneur. The event featured speakers including Shahin Tabari (CEO of Chargoon), Mohsen Malayeri (Founder of Avatech startup accelerator) And Alireza Shirazi (Founder of Blogfa).



IT Café

  • A cafe allocated exclusively to IT. Every week an event regarding to a special subject is held, though the events are only exclusive to those who are a member of the cafe. Aside from the events, people with talent and basically anyone with an idea can register to this place to use the provided facilities like the space, internet and the training.



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Mohammad Kermani

I think you had to say 8 events in Tehran! Not Iran! Tehran is not Iran!!! 😐

Amir Ali Bakhtiari

Hi Mohammad, thanks for your comment. That’s true, most of these events are in Tehran, but some of them have expanded, or are expanding to other cities in the country.

Mohammad Kermani

But the article is just talking about tehran. And the title is misleading. IRAN IS NOT QATAR! IRAN IS IRAN ,TEHRAN IS TEHRAN! 😐

Alireza Jozi
It seems you haven’t been in Iran startup scene my friend. All of these events which are happening monthly are all spread throughout the country. Events like Hamfekr, StartupGrind, Hackatehran are spread in more cities than Tehran and Isfahan, It can be found in almost all major cities in Iran. At the other hand events like Iran Web Festival is am annual national event that happens in Tehran. Participants gather around from all over Tehran to participate in this event. Though it’s based in Tehran, It is not an event focusing on their Tehrani audience. This is why the title… Read more »
Mohammad Kermani
Read the article with no bias at least once then turn back to me! This is not a professional manner! I did not talk about city to be Tehran or Isfahan! Your comment clearly shows your bias! THERE ARE SEVERAL CITIES IN IRAN! MASHAD TABRIZ ARAK BOOSHEHR ZAHEDAN ARE IN IRAN. I was not talking about the city I leave. But your bias lead you to think that I talk about an specific city. Iran Web Festival is the only one that is described to feel it is really nationwide! If you do not accept comments, OK! Print a newspaper!!!!!… Read more »
Farid Adibi

Mohammad jaan, it seems that you may need to work on your English a little bit more. When they say in Iran, that means that even if all of those events were in Tehran, it still means that they are in Iran. Thus, your point has completely been abolished. The title logically and grammatically makes sense, so I don’t see what you are arguing about.